The Sportspectrum Total Fit 360 program is our all-encompassing process to provide you with a totally customized fit to help you perform the best in your activity. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff has experience in many different areas of sport from tennis to soccer, and triathlon to cross country.


We begin the process by analyzing the pressure points in your foot using a pressure-sensitive mat.


This gives us an excellent picture of your arch, along with how you distribute your weight when on your feet.


We then look for any signs of pronation. We do that by watching you walk barefoot.


After we have determined the level of your pronation, we take all the information we've gathered and make a recommendation on which type of shoe would be most beneficial.


We then bring out several shoes in the particular type we recommended and put them on you to try. Feel free to walk about in the store as you try them on.


We also offer a treadmill to test the new shoes on to make sure they are the right pair.