The SPORTSPECTRUM FIT is our all-encompassing customized fit process.

There are several factors that determine what shoe will best meet your needs. At Sportspectrum, we evaluate your foot shape, muscle strength, biomechanics, training routines, and injury history to give you the most complete fit you’ll find in a retail setting.

Our first step is to learn about you and your activities. We ask a lot of questions- we’re not trying to be nosey, we want to make a thorough assessment- and we’re genuinely interested!

We’ll ask you about your training volume, goals, training practices, experience, and injury history. Taken together, these will influence your shoe needs.

Next, we measure your foot. We’re looking at your foot shape, arch height, width, and of course, SIZE! What size running shoe do YOU think you should wear? You may be surprised!

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Then, we do floor assessments. This may include squat tests, balance tests, and walking, depending on what’s appropriate for your needs.

Next comes our favorite- VIDEO ANALYSIS! We’ll bring out a test shoe for you to run in, and record you run (or walk with your socks on if you’re not a runner). We’ll replay this to you and give a thorough gait analysis. This is how we determine what level of support you’ll need.

Finally, we’ll select shoes for you to try on based on your foot characteristics, biomechanical needs, and the information you provided. There will be several shoe options, so we’ll have you try each of them on. The final selection is based on your comfort!

We want to give you the individual time you need, so the SPORTSPECTRUM FIT process can take 20-30 minutes. Please be patient as we strive to provide the best quality of service to each customer.